residences and home offices


busy professionals

home business owners

Empty nesters wanting to downsize

active families



Life is full of changes and with a little help the transition can be made easier!

if you’re living in clutter, you’ll definitely want to look into hiring a professional to get you organized.

sort & declutter

If you’ve ever had to locate that special pen, elusive scarf, or bought yet another package of batteries or spices because you couldn’t find the ones you already bought, help is available! Drawers, cupboards, pantries, closets, collections - these are just some of the projects I can assist with. I’ll help you sort, group, and consolidate and then arrange items in a space that works for you.

Closets are often disorganized and need help to arrange and assemble.


Locate items easily, reduce clutter and convert disorder to orderliness! Home offices, closets, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, basements - every space can be tidy and every item can have its place! I’ll provide practical, attractive solutions for arranging your surroundings.

relaxed | cup of tea


By reducing the amount of items in our homes - things that were once useful but are no longer used, needed, wanted or even liked, those items can be let go, passed on and shared. I can help you with that process to create an ideal space that brings calmness, harmony, lightness and a sense of freedom.


Additional services

filing | paper organization

file & paper MANAGeMENT

Whether you’re running a business or just sorting your bills, you may not have the time or interest to deal with the paperwork. Starting with the arrangement of your office or personal work space, I’ll sort through papers, organize files and provide an easy system to manage. For home businesses, I can assist with administrative work and provide ongoing maintenance of your filing & paper systems.

new keys | moving


You’ve just moved in but now you’ve got the monumental task of unpacking. Once the furniture is in place and the shelves installed, I’ll help unpack, organize and put things away. You’ll be settled in no time!

signing commisioner of oaths | pen

commissioner for oaths in and for alberta

Do you have legal documents that require commissioning?

As a Commissioner for Oaths in and for Alberta, I administer oaths, take and receive affidavits, declarations and affirmations that will be used in Alberta.


 RATES & Information

  • Free Consultation

  • Home & Personal Organizing, Home Office and File & Paper Management $70 per hour (3-hour minimum)

  • Additional Costs for services such as disposal of items, shopping, researching & sourcing $70 per hour

  • Commissioner For Oaths In and For Alberta $25 for the first document and $10 for each additional document

    (travel fee may apply)

  • Fully insured for commercial general liability and professional liability

    All rates are subject to GST.

    Payment accepted by e-transfer (preferred), cash or cheque