Kind words


Shannon K.

(February 2019)

“I have had the privilege of knowing Jill for over a decade. She is kind, trustworthy, hardworking and has a heart of gold. Jill is very calming. She is very thoughtful in her approach and respectful of every person she encounters. I wouldn’t hesitate for one second to recommend hiring Jill and her expertise for getting things organized!”


(March 2019)

“Moving from a house I had lived in for 45 years was a daunting process. This is where Jill comes in. She systematically organized me. Her approach was efficient, supportive and sensitive. Thanks, Jill….you changed utter confusion to a complete success.”

james l.

(March 2019)

“I worked closely with Jill for several years and she has always been very methodical and organized. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for Jill’s help and advice in getting my work place and home space organized.”

mary e.

(April 2019)

With the help of Jill’s skills and calm support I had fun watching the main entrance way to my home being easily tidied up into a very welcoming neat area offering a great first impression to prospective buyers.